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Bags & Backpacks

Free Wheel

With the FreeWheel you can travel safely even on uneven terrain. Easy and quick to assemble. Luggage rack and adapter for folding wheelchairs available.

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One-hand laces

Tying shoes with one hand - with the new One-Hand Lace from petertools it's easy and there's no visible difference to normal shoelaces.

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Hands-Free Wine Glass

Barrier-free wine enjoyment even for connoisseurs who cannot fully use their arms and hands . As a set with wine glass and stand.

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  • Jasmine Plank

    "Thanks to the FreeWheel, I can explore the world with my dog ​​again. Hiking, mountain tours and climbing are no longer a problem!"

  • Manuel Arn

    "Since I started drinking wine from the Hands-Free Glass, the enjoyment is perfect again!"


Welcome to petertools.life - your expert for aids for people with disabilities

Are you looking for high-quality aids that make life easier for people with disabilities? At petertools.life, we specialize in offering innovative and practical solutions to give you more independence, safety and comfort in your everyday life.

Aids for people with disabilities - Our mission

Our mission at petertools.life is to create the missing connections in your life by offering a diverse selection of assistive devices tailored to the individual needs of people with disabilities. We understand that every person is unique and that is why we offer a wide range of products to help you improve your mobility and simplify your everyday life.

One-hand laces - uncomplicated footwear for more independence

Our one-handed shoelaces are a revolutionary tool that allows you to effortlessly lace up your shoes with just one hand. Whether you have limited use of one hand or are simply looking for more convenience, our one-handed shoelaces give you the freedom to tie up your shoes with ease and focus on what matters most.

Hands-Free wine glass with stand - enjoyment without hands

Discover the ultimate tool for all wine lovers: our Hands-Free Wine Glass with Stand. This innovative product allows you to enjoy your wine without having to use your hands. The wine glass is attached to a freely movable and bendable stand that offers you maximum flexibility. Whether you prefer red wine, white wine or rosé - with our Hands-Free Wine Glass you can enjoy every sip to the fullest without having to hold the glass. The stand holds the glass safely and stably, leaving your hands free to concentrate on the aroma and taste of the wine. Developed by wine professionals.

FreeWheel - Additional safety and stability for your wheelchair

With our FreeWheel, an innovative third wheel that is attached to the front of the wheelchair, we offer you a unique way to increase the stability and safety of your wheelchair. The wheelchair front wheels provide a larger wheelbase and more grip, allowing you to travel more confidently and comfortably. The front wheel for wheelchairs extends the wheelbase and relieves the strain on shoulders, elbows and wrists

Wheelchair and rollator bags - stylish storage for your personal items

Our bags for wheelchairs and rollators are not only functional, but also stylishly designed. There is both a horizontal and a vertical pocket, allowing you to carry your personal items safely and comfortably. From smartphone pockets to practical cup holders, our wheelchair bags are tailored to your needs and offer you the flexibility you need in your everyday life.

Backpacks - comfort and storage space for on the go

Our backpacks are also the perfect choice for wheelchair users if you are looking for a spacious and functional companion for on the go. With a variety of variants, ranging from 18 liters to 55 liters of storage space, our wheelchair backpacks offer enough space for all your personal items. With a roll-top design, S-shaped zipper, hidden side pockets and waterproof materials, our backpacks are the ideal companion for on the go.

At petertools.life, it is our passion to offer you high-quality aids that make your life easier. Our range of products, such as one-handed shoelaces, free-wheel, wheelchair and rollator bags and backpacks, is designed to meet your needs in the best possible way. Discover the diverse possibilities that our aids offer you today and experience a new dimension of independence and freedom.