VitaDot - Charged with the energy of the universe

The power of vibration

Every living being, every organ, every substance, simply everything has its own vibration. People can absorb and process these vibrations. The vibration patterns themselves can be recorded and stored.

  • The programming

    The VitaDots are programmed using a special process and function like a memory chip that contains certain information.
    Each dot has its own programming to suit its area of ​​application and passes the information on to the person.

  • The balance effect

    All VitaDots contain a balance effect. This can have a positive effect on the musculoskeletal system. The effect occurs after contact with the VitaDot. Factors such as mobility and coordination can be improved directly with the use of the VitaDot.

  • The application

    The VitaDots are made of soft, skin-friendly gel and have a diameter of approximately 4 cm. They are preferably worn in the heel area of ​​shoes.


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