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While most people take it for granted that they will attend appointments, travel or private meetings without having to think about it beforehand, disabled people face obstacles in practically all activities. This does not only apply to structural obstacles that are relatively easy to identify, but also to obstacles for people with sensory impairments or those with cognitive or mental impairments.

"Those who want inclusion find ways, those who don't want it find excuses."
Raul Krauthausen, German inclusion activist

What is inclusion and why is it so important

Inclusion means that people with disabilities no longer have to adapt their lives to existing structures. Rather, society is called upon to create structures that enable everyone to be an active and integrated part of society.

Being excluded from a large part of social life is extremely frustrating. Those affected can only exploit a small part of their potential and society also loses important social resources.

Who is affected if inclusion is not practiced

Society must finally understand that if it does not practice inclusion, it cannot reach its full potential and falls short of its possibilities.

It is not just about the integration of all people with disabilities into the social context and the job market, but also about the resources that are tied up because inclusion is not consistently implemented. Let us think of all the parents, partners, carers, etc. who have to do a lot more to make up for the shortcomings and are therefore unable to exploit their potential.

The whole of society is affected and that can be changed if we just want it!

Who is required to implement inclusion

Of course, every citizen is called upon to think and act inclusively and thus contribute to ensuring that everyone can participate in social life. But if politics and business do not consistently do their part, inclusion will never succeed.

Therefore, public transport, public buildings, generally accessible traffic areas, the housing market, education, the world of work and also political participation must now be made more inclusive.

The whole of society, politics and economy are called upon to act; this is the only way inclusion will finally be possible for everyone.

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Get in touch with me if you need in-depth expertise from someone affected. I see stumbling blocks in the implementation of barrier-free infrastructure and can give important tips right from the planning phase.

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