Storage space for the Scewo BRO

The Scewo BRO is the wheelchair with maximum freedom and mobility. It is extremely manoeuvrable and can even climb stairs with ease, creating a new feeling of life on wheels. To make it even more useful in everyday life, petertools has worked closely with Scewo to develop a drawer box that is hidden under the seat, creating easily accessible storage space.

Perfect storage space

The drawer for your BRO

Easily accessible storage space is always in short supply in a wheelchair. Most containers are attached to the backrest and cannot be reached while sitting, or can only be reached with difficulty. Not so with the new drawer for your BRO, you sit on it! With one press on the drawer, it opens and you have all your treasures immediately to hand. Whether it's a wallet, make-up, tablet or even a laptop; there's space galore.

The elegant drawer box fits perfectly with your BRO and can be retrofitted within minutes.


The black drawer box is made of powder-coated steel and is guaranteed to be stable enough for any load. The drawer comes with the original base plate so that it can be easily mounted with the existing screws.

The drawer can be installed to open on the left or right and is equipped with smooth push-to-open pull-outs. Pull-outs without push-to-open function can be ordered on request.

Safety latch

The easy-to-use safety latch prevents the drawer from being accidentally opened and can be attached at the front or back.

The interior of the drawer is lined with shock-absorbing and waterproof black Plastzote.


The drawer measures 369 x 343 x 50 mm and has a capacity of 6 liters.

The drawer is so spacious that even a large notebook with power supply can fit in it and be taken out without any contortions.

Sitting position

The seating position is raised by 68 mm due to the drawer box mounted under the seat cushion and can be compensated for using the BRO's setting parameters. The driving behavior and driving feel are not changed by installing the drawer.

Thigh support

Bracket top

To ensure that the drawer does not collide with the thigh support, we have designed a suitable bracket. This is mounted in the armrest and holds your leg in position.

  • Testimonials produces the drawer in collaboration with Benninger Inox. Reto Gmür from Biel is enthusiastic:

    "For me, the laptop drawer is essential. I find it very difficult to access my backpack, but thanks to the drawer, I can quickly have my laptop on my lap and start working. As a Scewo BRO pilot, I'm used to amazed looks, but the drawer completes the coolness."


    Cost coverage

    Under certain conditions, insurance companies will cover the costs of the drawer. Pertertools can offer support.

  • Technical data

    Material, weight & dimensions
    Steel powder coated, 11 Kg
    External dimensions 385 x 400 x 68 mm
    Internal dimensions 369 x 343 x 50 mm
    Base plate 420 x 450 x 4 mm

    Sales prices
    Drawer CHF/EUR 2'980.00
    Legrest CHF/EUR 250.00

    2 years from installation

    Delivery time
    6 weeks