My consulting services

After forty years of working, I have some experiences that I can share. My everyday working life was exciting and brought me into contact with a large number of companies from a wide range of industries as a communications and internet consultant.
In combination with my large network, my open mind and my physical disability, this results in interesting, future-oriented fields of action that often coincide with today's social challenges or at least interact strongly with them.

Inclusion consulting

For those not affected, it is often not easy to recognize barriers in everyday life. It is not just about structural hurdles; different types of disabilities have very different requirements when it comes to accessibility.

I help to identify these and take the right measures to implement inclusion.

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Innovation consulting

In order for exclusion to become inclusion, accessibility must be at the forefront of every innovation, every development process and every project. If this is not the case and accessibility is only implemented later, it quickly becomes very expensive or accessibility falls by the wayside.

I help to ask the right questions at the right time.

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Mobility advice

I have been travelling on two wheels for almost ten years - not on a bicycle but on my Genny, the self-balancing wheelchair based on a Segway.
There are now various chairs that use this drive system.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle and which is best suited for which type of disability.

I will help you clarify these questions and can also help you with other questions about mobility.

Wine advice

Last but not least - wine has been my great passion for decades. I obtained a Diploma in Wine and Spirits from the WSET in London and can advise restaurants and private wine lovers on setting up a wine cellar. I give seminars where I impart basic wine knowledge and am co-organizer of the Vinifera wine fair.

About Daniel Peter

I have never shied away from challenges. Interested and curious as I am, I am always on the trail of the solution; the problem is just the invitation to take action. With “ – Missing links for an easier life” I develop, produce and sell products and tools that solve problems, make life easier and are cool.

My second mainstay is consulting in the areas of inclusion, innovation and mobility, and I can also offer a lot related to my hobby, wine.

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