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VitaDot Performance Display Box with 5 Pairs

VitaDot Performance Display Box with 5 Pairs

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The VitaDots Performance are designed for anyone who puts a lot of physical strain on themselves. They are programmed in such a way that they can positively influence all the factors that are necessary for optimal performance: focus, power, balance, coordination and muscle building. This makes them the ideal companion for anyone who wants to achieve top performance.

Materials, equipment, mass

The VitaDots are made of 100% soft and skin-friendly gel.

Sold in a folding box with 1 pair.

Diameter of approx. 4 cm.

If the adhesive effect on the adhesive side decreases, simply clean it with warm water and let it dry.


1. Peel off the foil and stick the VitaDot onto the insole of the shoe in the heel area:

  • The dot also serves as a heel pad!
  • If the adhesive effect decreases, simply clean with warm water and let it dry.

2. Place VitaDot under the insole of the shoe – ideally in the heel area.

3. The dots have an effect within a radius of about 20 cm. Therefore, they can also be put in socks.

Delivery time, shipping costs

Available from January 2024

Delivery time: 3 working days

Shipping costs: Economy free, Priority CHF 5 from 2 free

Important NOTE

The described effects and potential medical applications of VitaDots come from complementary medicine and are intended as a supplement to scientifically based treatment methods in conventional medicine. The statements are currently based only on studies of small cohort groups, pilot studies, observational studies and/or experience reports. In particular, there are no studies at evidence level Ib (methodologically high-quality randomized placebo-controlled studies with a sufficient number of subjects) or even level Ia (meta-analysis based on several methodologically high-quality studies at level Ib), so that the functions of VitaDots and the described effects in conventional medicine have not yet been sufficiently scientifically proven and are therefore considered controversial. This information and the use of VitaDots are not a substitute for professional medical advice. VitaDots are not a medical product. Always contact your doctor if you have any complaints!

  • Made in Germany
  • Gentle on the feet
  • Skin compatible
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